mysticalmys·ti·cal      adjective \ˈmis-ti-kəl\

: having a spiritual meaning that is difficult to see or understand

: of or relating to mystics or mysticism : resulting from prayer or deep thought

: having direct subjective communication with an ultimate reality or the divine


Shimmerlings is mystical, we love the mystical, we covet knowledge and information to share… this is where one might begin on a journey of one’s own…


The Fae & Their Realm

The Power of Color

The Chakra System

Kundalini Energy (coming soon)

This is only the beginning….

2 thoughts on “Mystical

  1. Hi! I like your website; especially what you said about making jewelry from reclaimed & recycled sources in order to lighten our load on the planet. I practice this too- I got into making jewelry because I love stones and stone-lore, and I wholeheartedly agree about recycling everything; especially metals, since mining them is so harmful to the planet. I worked as a jeweler in New Mexico for some time, and now I make my own pieces; I’m wondering if you buy jewelry from artists to sell on your website?
    Thanks! -Dana

    • Thank you Dana for your kind words, and it is good to know others are careful to reclaim and upcycled components. I am glad for you to be able to work with your own pieces. Currently we do not purchase product to sell on our site, everything here is hand crafted one of a kind by one artist.

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