Arc Amethyst Earrings

$ 53.00

Arc Amethyst and Copper Earrings
Arc Amethyst and Copper Earrings
Arc Amethyst and Copper Earrings
Arc Amethyst and Copper Earrings
Arc Amethyst and Copper Earrings

Arc Amethyst Earrings

$ 53.00

Amethyst rondell gemstones on a graceful hand formed arc of copper firewire that is hammered and adorned with sterling silver spacers and wrapped with additional copper firewire and sterling silver earwires.

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Amethyst “Stone of Spiritual Metamorphosis” Amethysts are known to have a wonderful soothing and relaxing effect on all people in its vicinity. It calms fears, lifts spirits, raises hope, helps to control negative thoughts as well as soothing anger and impatience. [read more about  Amethyst]

[Learn about the Power of Purple]

Artisan handcrafted in the USA


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Arc Amethyst and Copper Earrings

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