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we keep it local, keep it real, craft with care; reclaim, reinvent, redesign; repurpose, reimagine, recreate; make it work, make it magic, make it great; use it up, wear it out, pay it forward; upcycle, recycle, recover; create intentionally, enhance whimsy, build beautifully…begin again…

This Months Birthstone

October Birthstone Opal


Welcome to the journey!

Shimmerlings is open for business, all of our gemstone, chakra, color and mystical information is available once again!  We have although decided to hold back much of our Shimmerlings Jewelry inventory until after our next Nomad Pop Up Party, so the store is a bit sparce…. please feel free to check out our roving Pop Up and plan to stop by if you are able!  We will indeed be adding more product to the shimmerlings shop until then, and much more new product will be available at the Pop Up…. Remember, to purchase a Shimmerlings Treasure when you first fall in love, because if you don’t buy it – someone else will, and most of our work is truly one of a kind!
It feels wonderful to be back!!


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