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This Months Birthstone

October Birthstone Opal


The concept of twelve different gemstones was found displayed on a breastplate of a High Priest in Ancient Egypt that was excavated from a tomb dating from circa 4000 BCE. Thereafter the Hebrews adopted the concept, assigning a stone to each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The tradition evolved from there with gemstones being assigned to the twelve angels, then the twelve Apostles and finally the twelve months. Birthstones came into fashion sometime in the eighteenth century. These colored gemstones and crystals were thought to offer predictions for the future, to protect the wearer from harm and to aid healing.

January Birthstone GarnetFebruary Birthstone AmethystMarch Birthstone Aquamarine
April Birthstone DiamondMay Birthstone EmeraldJune Birthstone Pearl
July Birthstone RubyAugust Birthstone PeridotSeptember Birthstone Sapphire
October Birthstone OpalNovember Birthstone TopazDecember Birthstone Blue Zircon

Planetary & Talismanic Stones

Planetary Stones As the zodiac is organized, there are specific planets (and thus gemstones) associated with the time of one’s birth. Creations with these gemstones are told to bring the wear good fortune, and offer positive effects in all aspects of one’s life.

Talismanic Stones  Talisman (from the Greek talein meaning “to initiate into the mysteries” consisted of any object intended to bring about good luck and/or for protection to it’s bearer. Gemstone Talismans are sometimes cut or engraves as an amulet to be worn as jewelry. When associated with the zodiac, they are told to be more powerful within magic.

The Chart below offers you options so that you may decide on your own what your true Birthstone is:

JANAquarius Jan 21 -->GarnetGarnetUranusTurquoiseEmeraldJasperGarnet
FEBAquariusFeb 19AmethystAmethystUranusTurquoiseBloodstoneJasperAmethyst
FEBPiscesFeb 20 -->AmethystAmethystNeptuneAquamarineBloodstoneRubyAmethyst
MARPiscesMar 20AquamarineBloodstoneNeptuneAquamarineJadeRubyBloodstone
MARAriesMar 21 -->AquamarineBloodstoneMarsJasperJadeTopazBloodstone
APRAriesApr 20DiamondDiamondMarsJasperOpalJadeDiamond
APRTaurusApr 21 -->DiamondDiamondVenusEmeraldOpalGarnetDiamond
MAYTaurusMay 21EmeraldEmeraldVenusEmeraldSapphireGarnetAgate
MAYGeminiMay 22 -->EmeraldEmeraldMercuryTigers EyeSapphireEmeraldAgate
JUNGeminiJun 21PearlAlexandriteMercuryTigers EyeMoonstoneEmeraldPearl
JUNCancerJun 22 -->PearlAlexandriteMoonMoonstoneMoonstoneSapphirePearl
JULCancerJul 22RubyRubyMoonMoonstoneRubySapphireRuby
JULLeoJuly 23 -->RubyRubySunCrystal QuartzRubyDiamondRuby
AUGLeoAug 21PeridotSardonyxSunCrystal QuartzDiamondDiamondSapphire
AUGVirgoAug 22 -->PeridotSardonyxMercuryCitrineDiamondZirconSapphire
SEPVirgoSep 23SapphireSapphireMercuryCitrineAgateZirconMoonstone
SEPLibraSep 24 -->SapphireSapphireVenus SapphireAgateAgateMoonstone
OCTLibraOct 23OpalTourmalineVenusSapphireJasperAgateOpal
OCTScorpioOct 24 -->OpalTourmalinePlutoGarnetJasperAmethystOpal
NOVScorpioNov 19JadeCitrinePlutoGarnetPearlAmethystJade
NOVSagittariusNov 20 -->JadeCitrineJupiterJadePearlBerylJade
DECSagittariusDec 22Blue ZirconBlue ZirconJupiterJadeOnyxBerylRuby
DECCapricornDec 23 -->Blue ZirconBlue ZirconSaturnLapis LazuliOnyxOnyxRuby
JANCapricornJan 20GarnetGarnetSaturnLapis LazuliEmeraldOnyxGarnet

Traditional Anniversary Gemstones

1st YEAR2nd YEAR3rd YEAR4th YEAR5th YEAR
GoldGarnetPearlBlue TopazSapphire
6th YEAR7th YEAR8th YEAR9th YEAR10th YEAR
AmethystOnyxTourmalineLapis LazuliDiamond
11th YEAR12th YEAR13th YEAR14th YEAR15th YEAR
16th YEAR17th YEAR18th YEAR19th YEAR20th YEAR
21st YEAR22nd YEAR23rd YEAR24th YEAR25th YEAR
IoliteSpinelImperial TopazTanzaniteSilver
30th YEAR35th YEAR40th YEAR45th YEAR50th YEAR
55th YEAR60th YEAR65th YEAR70th YEAR75th YEAR
AlexandriteDiamondStar SapphireSapphireRuby

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