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Apache Tear

Properties, Meanings, Powers & Uses

"Stone to Banish Grief"

~ S ~

ə-pa-chē -ˈtir

Apache Tears are an atypical type of Obsidian which present as rough and opaque at first glance, but may often appear translucent when held up to the light.

The Legend of the Apache Tear begins with a story dating back to the 1870’s when a tribe of Apache Native Americans were relocated by the military to an outpost which is now known as Superior Arizona. The legend tells of the Coyote, Tonto and Pinal Indians; all of who where members of the Apache Tribe. During the harsher winter months, the smaller tribes had difficulty sustaining their families, as vegetation became more scarce and hunting unproductive. Desperate to feed and nourish their families the warriors were forced to impede on other area settlements.

When the military became aware of these assaults they went in search for the Apache camp. Taken unawares and greatly outnumbered the tribe is said to have fought well, but nearly two thirds of the warriors were killed with the first assault of shots; causing the remainder of the warriors to reluctantly retreat being driven to the crest of a very high bluff.  Having been caught unprepared, without sufficient weaponry, and unwilling to be taken captive the Apache leapt to their deaths from the edge of the cliff.

The women and loved one’s of the warriors that had passed on were said to be desperately stricken with grief at the loss not simply of each individual but as the group as a whole. It is said that they gathered a “short distance from the base of the cliff where the sands were white and for a moon they wept for their dead. They mourned greatly, for they realized that not only had their seventy-five brave Apache warrior died, but with them had also died the great fighting spirit of the Pinal Apaches”.

The legend tells that the Great Spirits were greatly saddened at the tragedy and that when the tears of the warriors loved ones hit the ground their teardrops instantly froze to become the stones we know today as Apache Tears. It is told that whoever carries one of these revered stones will never cry again, as the Apache women had shed enough tears.

Scientific Properties

~ S ~

Mohs Hardness of 5-5.5 with a amorphous crystal structure

Scientific theory presents that the Apache Tear was formed millions of years ago when the earth resided in a constant state of disturbance. Believed that when hot lava was forced rapidly and directly into the air that these nodules then were quickly cooled and solidified before finding the ground, and would settle in great masses of a molten mineral called perlite. It appears that the intense heat of the volcanic eruption condensed the humid air causing rain, which would then create the cooling of the nodule prior to its landing and causing the formation of these enclosed volcanic glass nodules.  This is what creates it’s amorphous state without the presence of cleavage.  Layer upon layer of perlite built up creating layers and layers of these beautiful gemstones.

Metaphysical Properties

~ S ~

The Apache Tear gemstone, as per legend, has an uncanny capacity to gently sustain one during times of great sorrow; removing and releasing blockages to peace. Known to relieve grief, alleviate sadness as well as allowing one to accept and receive forgiveness from themselves as well as others.   Serving to release negative emotions and balancing one’s emotional state of being.

In the process of relieving anxiety the Apache Tear may assist in attracting opportunities of positive change, and bring foresight into one’s forthcoming prospects so that formulating a positive plan of action becomes more apparent. Enhancing one’s logical thinking processes, one may find that new doors for success seem to be opening, this process often brings about a more positive state of mind, creating hope (even in the most dire of circumstances) which exponentially assists in further fruitful attainment in countless areas of one’s life.

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Healing Properties

~ S ~

Physically Apache Tear is told to alleviate spasms in muscles, eliminating toxins from one’s physical being as well as assisting in the absorption of vitamins.  These gems are known to fortify the physical body, specifically the blood and to enhance the immune system, no doubt due to the improvement of vitamin absorption, specifically the assimilation of vitamins C and Ds.

Apache Tear has been said to have heightened spiritual and physical healing powers. Protecting one from all forms of negative energies, including but not limited to psychic attacks –often referred to as psychic vampires- the Apache Tear seems to have the ability to remove and transmute these types of energies, cleansing the aura and clearing the way for more positive and healthy vibrations.

Magical Properties

~ S ~

Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Planet: Saturn/Jupiter
Deities: :
Black Madonna, Isis and Horus
Powers: Protection, Grounding & Divination, Scrying
Candle Color: Burgundy or Dark Brown

Used in grounding and protection spells one could not ask for more, created from the very fire deep within the earth, Apache Tear has special grounding energies to the Earth before during and after energy work.  It helps to gently ground one during meditation, clarifying any murky issues and assisting one to gain insight on the clearer path to travel. Apache Tear is told to be used as an abundant cleanser of negative energies, dissipating not only the ill-favored energy in the experience, but also in the environment surrounding the experience; which includes any of one’s own negative energies.

This will in turn assist one in the ability to recognize the approach of any type of menacing circumstances which may leave one at risk. Obsidian in general often has the tendency to work quickly to move certainties to the surface of the situations so that it may quickly be resolved.

Zodiac Properties

~ S ~

Zodiac Stone of: Aries, Capricorn

Associations: Pluto & Saturn

Birthstone: In some circles the Apache Tear is known as a birthstone for November.

Chakra Properties

~ S ~

Some believe that the Apache Tear has spiritual healing power; powerful during meditation it assists one in grounding and connecting with nature.  This particular grounding helps to bring spiritual experiences closer to the physic, helping on to realize the higher energies of this existence, and the importance of being aware of all frequencies so as not to limit oneself to ones in which one feels comfort.

Working within the 1st, base/root chakra the Apache Tear will assist in moving excess energy down to the earth and Mother Gaia. When working with the 2nd, sacral/navel chakra it is said to help with the removal of the most disharmonious energies within relationships. Work with the 4th, or Heart Chakra the Apache Tear has energies that will aid the emotional body to heal from older issues that stem from one’s emotional nature.  They absorb such an amount of negativity that it leads to a feeling of happiness and joy as there is nothing left but these positive energies.

As the Apache Tear absorbs such great amounts of negativity it would be beneficial to cleanse them on a fairly regular basis.

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The information here is presented to you to use as you see fit, but is not to take the place of professional medical advice. Crystals, Gemstones and Metal can accent, help, negate, protect, encourage, strengthen, and balance and thereby promote healing. Their effects can be extraordinary, but use in addition to medical advice, and not as a substitute for proper care. If you are ill, we beseech you to seek professional medical attention from a qualified physician.

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