Crushed Unicorn Horn

$ 29.00

Crushed Unicorn Horn

$ 29.00

The Magic of The Unicorn Horn has only power when bestowed willingly….Recycled bottles from an abandoned European Apothecary, we bring you Crushed Unicorn Horn From Shimmerlings® Faery Apothecary ~ For the discerning Apothecary collection “Crushed Unicorn Horn” Each has the tip of the unicorn (provided freely) with a crushed portion as well for one’s apothecary needs. Bottled well, corked and sealed, signature labeling and additionally adorned with flowing fibers.
WARNING: ‘Wisely use for Wish and Prayer, for there isn’t very much to spare”

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For many centuries many have pursued the ancient art of mixing alchemy with intent; blending magic, science and mystery. The inherent desire to transform the mundane by weaving raw materials that Mother nature has bestowed upon us and a bit of magical intent. Set in our individual potential pulse the mystical powers to create and empower for one to manifest what is desired, or simply to have a bit of fun. We hope that our Apothecary grows and evolves as time grows and evolves with us. Welcome! Each item is an entirely one of a kind creation and as such there will be inherent slight variations from one to another. Items are meant to be permanently sealed. This is not a toy, but a decorative apothecary item and talisman. Please note that bottles although sturdy are in fact glass and contain extremely small bits of magic dust which may pose a choking hazard or general discomfort if used improperly.

Artisan Handcrafted in the USA by Artist JeaneMargherite

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