Rendevous Green Pearl Bracelet

$ 87.00

Rendevous Green Pearl Bracelet |Shimmerlings®
Rendevous Green Pearl Bracelet |Shimmerlings®
Rendevous Green Pearl Bracelet |Shimmerlings®
Rendevous Green Pearl Bracelet |Shimmerlings®

Rendevous Green Pearl Bracelet

$ 87.00

Much like a secret rendevous in the dusk of the eve, shimmering shades of a misty green adorn this bracelet, sterling silver spacer beads in varying sizes offer a wonderful uniqueness, and the dark moon Labradorite faceted and placed in the midst of it all; a wonderfully designed sterling silver rectangular toggle clasp is all that is needed to made this a one of a kind treasure.

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Pearl“Stone of Sincerity” These Moon and Water ruled “gems” enhance sincerity, truth and loyalty. They bring centering and a calming reflection, as well as attune the wearer to the ebb and flow of life. They are told to give purity, promote faith, charity and integrity, especially personal integrity. Due to its watery and lunar elements, it is quite balancing for the emotions, especially to water signs
Labradorite “Matriarch of the Unconscious” Told to provide quick relief from anxiety, depression and hopelessness; replacing them with self-confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration. When one is experiencing times of conflict and change, Labradorite is said to offer perseverance, strength, and enhanced inner intuition to assist in that time of disruption. Said to dispel negative thoughts and energies, bringing instead enhanced clarity of thought for a clearer understanding, as well as improving one’s ability to cooperate in harmony with others. [read more about Pearls ]

Discover the Color Power of Green!

Artisan Handcrafted in the USA by Artist JeaneMargherite

Dimensions7- in








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