Steampunkery Earrings

$ 49.00

Steampunkery Earrings

$ 49.00

Double graduated watch gears stacked a top one another shimmering glass as spacers and embellished with additional upcycled watch gears. Open silver french wires 2″ L, Artisan Handcrafted in the USA by Jewelry Artist JeaneMargherite,

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Sustainable: Vintage, Reclaimed, Recycled, Upcycled, Reinvented, Reimagined?wear this wonderful treasure with the knowledge that you are part of the process to create less waste in our world and a positive force in giving new life to the once forgotten or forlorn. ÿWe take what was unwanted and we make it unbelievable! We redesign, recreate, recover, create intentionally, enhance whimsy and build beautifully. ÿWear this treasure with the deep understanding that it carries with it energies from all its past incarnations as well as great power and positive energy used to craft it into its new form.

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Grey Symbolizes Sorry, Security and Maturity Discover the Color Power of Grey!

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