Woodland Fairy Tears

$ 24.00

Woodland Fairy Tears

$ 24.00

The woodland fae have long cried for the loss of their magic, their way and their lands all about our world; when a fairy tear of sadness lands on the ground it turns to stone with a cross in the middle. The fairies often pick these up and carry them with them as they move on, but if a human or animal finds them, the fairy will then follow that being and watch over them. When a tear of happiness or joy lands on the ground it grows into a flower or plant, depending on the particular fae; if gathered prior to touching the ground the magic bestowed upon it remains within the tear. Said to keep one strong and grounded to the magic of the earth and used for reparation to pass on to the next realm. ….Recycled bottles from an abandoned European Apothecary, we bring you “Tears of Woodland Faeries” From Shimmerlings® Faery Apothecary ~ For the discerning Apothecary collection, each has a variety of tears bottled together for the most helpful combination of magic practice.. Bottled well, corked and sealed, signature labeling and additionally adorned netting and a bit of the woodland realm.

WARNING: ‘Wisely use for Wish and Prayer, for there isn’t very much to spare”

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For many centuries many have pursued the ancient art of mixing alchemy with intent; blending magic, science and mystery. The inherent desire to transform the mundane by weaving raw materials that Mother nature has bestowed upon us and a bit of magical intent. Set in our individual potential pulse the mystical powers to create and empower for one to manifest what is desired, or simply to have a bit of fun. We hope that our Apothecary grows and evolves as time grows and evolves with us. Welcome! Each item is an entirely one of a kind creation and as such there will be inherent slight variations from one to another. Items are meant to be permanently sealed. This is not a toy, but a decorative apothecary item and talisman. Please note that bottles although sturdy are in fact glass and contain extremely small bits of magic dust which may pose a choking hazard or general discomfort if used improperly.

Artisan Handcrafted in the USA by Artist JeaneMargherite

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