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Properties, Meanings, Powers & Uses

"Stone of Resolution, Regeneration & Balance"

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Another one of the more mysterious and confusing stones in our library, due mostly to its close visual resemblance to Jasper. Some people consider Rhyolite “rainforest jasper”, which is not truly correct, it is a common volcanic rock, and has a very similar chemical equivalent of granite.

The difference being that while granite is intrusive, with crystal that are easy to see because the magma  cools more slowly; Rhyolite is extrusive and due to the more rapid cooling of the lava the crystals are generally too small to see.

Some call the stone the “Streaming Rock” due to the colored bands, bubbles and crystal-rich layers of material that forms when the lava flows over stone surfaces and slowly moves forward. Depending on how it erupts and how this flow is cooled and layers upon stone surfaces.

So here is where things get really tricky…the slower moving magma cools larger crystals, which often become granite. The quicker moving magma cools more slowly and form smaller crystals suck as rhyolite.  They are often difficult to see, but the crystals are there, sometimes surrounded by a glassy matrix.  If the lava fails to form the crystals at all, it essentially becomes obsidian.

Sometimes rounded sphericules of quartz or feldspar are found in the matrix of the stone; when the stone contains numerous vesicules (or holes basically) then the rhyolite is called pumice

Rhyolite is sometimes formed in creams, pinks, yellows and reds…this type is called Wonderstone.

Scientific Properties

~ S ~

Mohs Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure

Found in volcanic arcs where “crustal” rocks have subducted under the crust and have melted into a lighter silica rich magma. What is considered Rhyolite contains more that 70% silica, giving this stone it’s light and color.

Lava which creates Rhyolite is generally more explosive (hence faster moving, yet slower moving) which is different than what many consider basalt, such as the type that erupts on the island of Hawaii.




Metaphysical Properties

~ S ~

Considered a stone of Resolution, Rhyolite is best known for its balancing effects and assistance is making determinations.  It is acknowledged for assisting in fulfilling one’s goals and making one’s dreams come true, allowing one to find their right path on their soul level.

Rhyolite balances the feminine and masculine energies when the goal is to help the lesser energy become more prevalent in the life of the more prevalent energy, which in turn will ignite one’s potential as well as their creativity.

As a balancing stone Rhyolite is often recommended to working with issues of emotional strength, self-esteem and anxiety.  It will allow one a deeper meditation, brining strength to the body, soul and mind as one balanced being.  It is said to integrate the past with the present (balancing) to heal past life sticky energies, while increasing self-esteem, which leads to full acceptance of one’s self.

Creating tranquil energies it assists in eliminating anxieties and worries, aids in allowing one to express themselves well in the wake of problems, granting greater emotional strength, which will stimulate insight into solutions and alternatives other than those that have been easily recognized.  This makes Rhyolite a perfect stone to carry when facing known confrontation; not just for the open insight but also eliminating distractions and procrastination.

Rhyolite allows one to build and be open to hope when feeling stuck or stagnant in life; shifting ones energy and brining encouragement to move forward with our innate dreams. When looking at the stone one may feel a freshness of change, being able to visualize the variety and progress in life; thus casting off the old and moving forward with a new brightness and joy in the heart.

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Healing Properties

~ S ~

Being a stone of regeneration, Rhyolite will fight most general infections, especially bites from animals and insects, as well as assisting with skin irritations in general. It helps the body’s natural resistance, offering physical strength and improving muscle tone.

Its balancing properties regulate the nervous system, the production of hormones as well as cleansing and boosting the immune system and cleansing the liver.  Rhyolite may give relief to the sciatica, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease when allowed the proper time to assist in balancing and regeneration.

Magical Properties

~ S ~

Energy: Receptive & Projective
Element: Air & Earth
Planet: Venus & Mercury

Candle Color: Yellow

Rhyolite is a Shaman’s stone and is useful in any elemental magic; being in balance with the elemental forces.

Where the psyche is concerned, Rhyolite may be used for anyone looking to do any astral traveling, strengthening one’s psychic powers, making connections for channeling stronger and easier to maintain. Rhyolite is often used to activate psychic contact with loved ones who have transitioned to other planes.  It has exceptional strength in channeling totem animals and elemental wisdom, best known for telepathic communication with felines.

Zodiac Properties

~ S ~

Associations: Earth

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone

Zodiac Stone of: Gemini Sagittarius, Aquarius

Wonderful for the creative signs of the zodiac

Chakra Properties

~ S ~

Rhyolite is beneficial with the 3rd, Throat Chakra as well as the 4th Heart Chakra

Wonderstone is associated with the 2nd, Sacral Chakra, particularly  when in connection to the 4th Heart Chakra.

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The information here is presented to you to use as you see fit, but is not to take the place of professional medical advice. Crystals, Gemstones and Metal can accent, help, negate, protect, encourage, strengthen, and balance and thereby promote healing. Their effects can be extraordinary, but use in addition to medical advice, and not as a substitute for proper care. If you are ill, we beseech you to seek professional medical attention from a qualified physician.

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