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Chakra Void

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Surrounding the second and the third chakra is the area referred to as The Void which stands for the principle of mastery (guru principle) within us.  In many spiritual traditions, this area is the “ocean of illusions”.  The Void is so named as it is said to represent the ocean of unenlightened awareness (or void) within each individual’s spiritual knowledge.

The Void, along with one’s Nabhi and Swadisthan chakras, represents an integrated spiritual group within the Chakra/Kundalini system. Together, these three elements work to direct the course of one’s personal evolution from creation to ultimate spiritual awareness, and the journey thereon.

The Void is represented by the color Green or Teal. It is aligned with the earthly elements of sky and seawater; as it is symbolic of the ocean within one’s being.

Location: The region located within one’s abdominal cavity encompassing the 2nd and 3rd chakras. It contains what is referred to as the Nabhi chakra.  The 2nd or Svadisthana Chakra is suspended on a cord from the Nabhi Chakra which moves around the Void area giving sustenance to the various petals of the Void.  When the Kundalini energy rises, it passes into the Nabhi Chakra then along the cord to enlighten the 2nd Chakra at which point it returns to the Nabhi before continuing on the journey to the crown Chakra.

Governs: In one’s general being: Balance, Decisiveness, Patience, Dignity, Self-Discipline and Self-Guidance as well as all Organs within its sphere most importantly the liver.

On a psychological aspect it regulates the direction and speed of one’s human evolution, being the command center of relationships of our love, family, food, material satisfaction as well as attentions to spiritual pursuits.

On the physical level the purpose of the Void is they oversee the proper functioning of the abdominal organs within its sphere. Lying within this area is the liver which nourishes one’s general awareness and strength of attention

Petals: 10 said to be all white

icon_chakravoidIndications of Imbalance:

This area (The Void) specifically the Nabhi is able to be weakened in a various number of ways, when we are overly worried about our finances, overly worried about food (fasting, or gluttony) when the household is off center. When one physically feels as if one has constant “butterflies” in the stomach;  keeping the stomach excited by hindering the proper flow of energy.

When one feels strongly swayed in life towards something unusual to their being (ease of lying, impulse to steal, cheat, committing adulterous acts, over indulgence, self-importance; as well as overly self-depreciating acts such as fasting unnecessarily, not allowing proper rest, psycho-social punishment, etc) this is a indication  that one’s Void is likely negatively affected.

All have moments of weakness in life which we often overcome without too much difficulty, once our Kundalini energy has been awakened it is said to easily gain control over these impulses.

When there is an imbalance one often may feel vibrations of the Void within an area near the center of the palm, which is formed by concentric circles, one’s hands may speak as a show of imbalance, with a tingling or heat maybe even numbness of the fingertips.  This is our Kundalini alerting us to an imbalance in a particular chakra, when we should begin a self-assessment.

Therapy:  Begin with soaking one’s feet in salt water. This does not need to be sea water, but that would be infinitely more beneficial. Salt watering being a very powerful symbol of the guru principle, mediation while in this act of soaking is very effective at cleansing one of negative energies.



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