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we keep it local, keep it real, craft with care; reclaim, reinvent, redesign; repurpose, reimagine, recreate; make it work, make it magic, make it great; use it up, wear it out, pay it forward; upcycle, recycle, recover; create intentionally, enhance whimsy, build beautifully…begin again…

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art is my passion

JeaneMargherite Meria ~ Shimmerlings, Inc.®

Curious.Creative.Captivating .

I am a red headed, whimsical lunatic, faerie follower, passionate recycler, errant wife and delinquent mother of three (that I know of). I am unabashedly honest, optimism is my superpower and I believe willpower is generally over rated!

I am an everlasting conundrum…a top notch type A, Martha channeling organizer with an Irish Bohemian Gypsy Queen soul that is sprinkled so heavily in faerie dust that even the deepest crevices of my cleavage sparkle with magic. I hate being bi-polar, it’s awesome! And oh yeah another thing….I’m an artist!!

My inner world is heavily steeped in all things purple to the extent that others often see the royal color, when they think of me in places it does not exist (but that just makes me giggle so it’s okay). I am a wonderer, a wanderer and I lust for adventure; which being the mother of three often happens only in the imaginative recesses of my mind (it’s okay they like me in here). Being the captain of full blown catastrophes (as I am) it is probably the best place for me to explore unsupervised anyhow.

 “I believe that all materials can be purposed and repurposed to become useful and beautiful building blocks in jewelry and other treasures.”

I am a deconstructive diva, a professional instigator and I covet deep dark chocolate.  I write love letters to wine and never met a cheese I didn’t like! I swear like a sailor, I bring on the brouhaha and I am prone to inappropriate laughter, while embracing my crankiness as a personality plus.  I am a fan of curiosity and experiment in savoring the world, whilst bringing beauty into this realm.

I create because it happifies me, and I would create regardless of my location, situation or circumstance. I have been creating for the full length of my life and have no intention of stopping. While in my studio (fondly referred to as “the cave”) preparing to be fabulous, I must prime my pump with a little Everafter in the background, candles and sometimes incense. I sit at my bench, I fondle my tools, I wander the space waiting for inspiration to arrive, and thus I begin! As I do not sketch prior to discovery I often use an inspiration book to get the juices flowing – colors I love, combinations that make me smile and occasionally a dirty joke doodled in between.

What always pulls my focus is the unbelievable tenacity of the power that draws me to the gemstones. With the colors and qualities they possess, my need to work with them and thus marry them with my lovely found treasures is so strong.  I connect with the sacred force of creativity that lives within my soul and I whip up wickedly wonderful delights!

I search out the splendor in the overlooked and underappreciated and I use my wiley ways to turn junk into jangle, mismatched into magic, gemstones into generous embellishments to delight and adorn.  There is a tiny bit of my spirit infused into each one of my creations.  I work with gratitude, great joy (for my gifts) and good intention in my heart. That magic I feel travels with the treasures and in doing so those intentions help each piece become a bit more true. 

The right treasure will call to you; you’ll be drawn to it, and you won’t care why. You will know it has chosen you the moment you see it….THAT is where I find my bliss. That is why I create. That is who I am!

There Must Be More You Say?I am captivated by the strong pull of the ocean, a full moon and the mystical mysteries of the deep forest. I am fascinated by magic, the faerie realm, dragons, castles and queens of all kinds.  I have yet to meet a unicorn I didn’t like, and if I am very virtuous I hope to cross paths with one of my heroes Sidhe Queen Scathnach from the Isle of Skye.  And perhaps one day I’ll live in a castle of my very own, with a closet large enough to hold my multitude of crowns!

Join the journey! Browse the treasures, find me in my other realms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress) or simply wander through the many doors you will find on our website, they are all full of surprises and there’s no chance of your getting lost. If you go through the purple door to the Faerie Festival, look for me at the Queen’s tea party…I’ll meet you there!


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