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Properties, Meanings, Powers & Uses

"Stone of Self Awareness & Acceptance"

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Dumortierite is best known in its massive form, which makes an attractive violet and blue decorative stone when polished.  It is said that this stone was discovered over a hundred years ago by a French paleontologist name of Dumortier.  The African lore has long been told that dumortierite is petrified water, as it was always found in the vicinity of water.

Scientific Properties

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Mohs Hardness of 7 with a orthorhombic crystal structure

Dumortierite occurs in granular or fibrous masses.  Its primary colors are blue, violet-blue, pink, and brown, but have been found with deposits of white minerals mingled in as well.  The blue coloring is due to the presence of manganese, iron and zinc. The differing levels of these minerals creating the divergent shades of color.

The majority of the gemstones seen in the market today are from Brazil and the United States.

Metaphysical Properties

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Dumortierite is said to promote a positive attitude in all life situations, provides one with courage and trust during personal times of hardship, as well as helping to gain control and understanding in one’s own life.

Some appreciate Dumortierite for its ability to quell panic and fear. But most often, it is used for its incredible organizational abilities.  Known to enhance one’s self-discipline, orderliness, and organization, as well as clearing the scattered mind.

The ability to do so in one’s life gives Dumortierite a great deal of positive energy for those dealing with addictions. Assisting one to recognize the negative patterns and erase them at a core level, encouraging one to see and accept reality, as well as react to it in an intelligent manner on one’s own behalf. By enhancing calm, inducing relaxation, and a feeling of harmony, Dumortierite aids in making troublesome daily tasks more manageable.

This enhancement is believed to be due to the effect that Dumortierite may have on balancing the Throat Chakra and thus enhancing communication between lower chakras/physical energies and the higher chakras/mental/spiritual energies, creating a more balanced and organized life.

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Healing Properties

~ S ~

Dumortierite is said to relieve maladies of the stomach, including nausea and vomiting. This being an excellent stone for water travel if one is known to suffer from seasickness.  If one has been overexposed to the sun, Dumortierite is also known to be helpful in the treatment of headaches as well as the burning irritation of the skin.

Said to be a particularly helpful stone for Healers as an aid in diagnosing initial health problems, it can illuminate the base issues and true causes of an ailment so the Healer is better prepared and able treat the initial cause.

When used in healing, Dumortierite should be rinsed once a week under warm running water then recharged by placing it among leaded crystals for a minimum period of two hours.

Magical Properties

~ S ~

Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Saturn
Isis, Neptune
Candle Color: Royal Blue

Magical properties for dumortierite have been difficult to come by. If any of our visitors has information they would like to share, please contact us as  Thank you ever so much!

Zodiac Properties

~ S ~

Zodiac Stone of: Leo & Sagittarius

Associations: Jupiter

Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month

Stone of Sagittarius, Dumortierite symbolizes partnership and encourages tolerance towards other people.

Chakra Properties

~ S ~

Dumortierite produces a deep feeling relaxation and equilibrium, during meditation. And when used on the 5th, Throat Chakra will help organize and balance the chakras and physical energies, thus enhance communication between the lower chakras and the higher chakras.  This work is also known to open one’s Third Eye, assisting communications with one’s angels and spirit guides.

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The information here is presented to you to use as you see fit, but is not to take the place of professional medical advice. Crystals, Gemstones and Metal can accent, help, negate, protect, encourage, strengthen, and balance and thereby promote healing. Their effects can be extraordinary, but use in addition to medical advice, and not as a substitute for proper care. If you are ill, we beseech you to seek professional medical attention from a qualified physician.

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