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Properties, Meanings, Powers & Uses

"Stone of Dimensional Sight"

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Folklore tells us that Lucifer’s crown was made of Moldavite, which melted as he fell to Earth after being cast down. Another legend tells us that the Holy Grail was carved from Moldavite, as well as being known to be the Stone thatHealed the Earth.

Known as the Star-Born Stone of Transformation, it’s power should not be underestimated. Faceted Moldavites have been intensified by the cutting process. So if one asks this gemstone to assist in one’s life, be prepared for some life changes! It can be dramatically transformative, but may turn one’s life upside down to get one back on the right track.

What is considered an Organic Gem?

While many minerals are considered gemstones, there are also a number of materials that have been infused, infilled or partially replaced by organic materials; as well as natural organisms that have been mineralized then used and considered valuable ‘gems’ throughout all our time.

Organic materials considered gemstones include but are not limited to: Amber, Bone, Coral, Ivory, Pearls, Mother of Pearl, Abaone as well as meteorites such as Moldavite

Organic materials that have been mineralized to gemstones include: Dino Bone (Gem Bone, Gembone) Petrified Wood, Fossils such as Ammolilte and Ammonite; during the mineral infilling the organic structure is preserved therefore it remains an organic material, and thus an Organic Gem.

Scientific Properties

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Mohs Hardness of 5 with a amorphous crystal structure

Moldavite is a tektite, some say meteorite. It is the only ‘extraterrestrial’ gemstone some say – although others disagree. The first Moldavites were found in 1787 in Czechoslovakia, by the Moldau River, which is where the name Moldavite is said to have been derived.

This is a beautifully translucent green to brown meteoric gem classed with a group of tektites and believed to have fallen only once almost 15 million years ago.

Moldavite’s surfaces are generally rough or uneven, with a lumpy, scarred or jagged textures. Tektites do not contain the same crystallite structure found in other stone, although they may have characteristic inclusions as other earth crafted stones.

There are a few thoughts on the origin of the tektites. One being that they arrived from outer space, melting as they passed into the atmosphere and thus forming the characteristic odd surface shape and texture.  Another theory is that the impart of an extremely large meteorite caused the surrounding rocks to scatter and melt, scarred by cracks that appeared as they cooled down once again.

Metaphysical Properties

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Moldavites are among the most powerful gemstone for spiritual development and expansion of one’s consciousness. It seems to engender and accelerate one’s inner growth and evolution towards one’s spiritual truth.

It has been found that Moldavite is extremely transformative when worn as jewelry. Said to be due to the manner in which the energy flows through the meridians in one’s body.  As rings or earrings, this places the gem directly over a meridian, focusing the flow of energy throughout one’s entire system, raising one’s vibration levels.  This is also true of a pendant that as worn over the 4th, Heart chakra,  or shorter or choker style to be near the 5th Throat chakra.

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Healing Properties

~ S ~

Moldavite is an excellent tool to use in conjunction with other crystals and gemstones to raise the vibrational levels of all healing properties. Especially powerful with Aquamarine, Diamond, Lapis, Opal, Sugilite, and Celestite, producing and overwhelming combination of qualities which is very conducive to healing.

Magical Properties

~ S ~

Energy: Protective
Element: Fire
Planet: Uranus
Gia & Persephone
Powers: Channeling, Crystal Consciousness & Dimensional Travel
Candle Color: Deep Green

In alchemy, the way to mastery is through transmutation, meaning the aligning of the-self before the physical. First one must bring the shifting (often conflicting) polarities into balance. It is only once that this is accomplished that one may truly influence the material world.  The use of Moldavite may assist one in divining their way to the “magnum opus” or the the souls understanding of the reason for existence.

Moldavite is incredibly powerful to enhance dimensional travel and other world communications.

Moldavite is softer than most gemstones and should not be cleansed in salt. It may be cleansed with a piece of pumice or leave outdoors under the night of a meteor shower.

Zodiac Properties

~ S ~

Zodiac Stone of: Aquarius

Associations: Uranus, Pluto & Neptune

Birthstone: Not a birthstone for any month.

Moldavite is said to be “born of the stars” and is therefore considered a universal product of all the zodiac signs. To dream of Moldavite indicates that transformational experiences will soon affect one’s life.

Chakra Properties

~ S ~

While one is wearing Moldavite, one actively engages with the heart, which will assisting in returning the aura to a beautiful pink that is associated with unconditional love. Moldavite is capable of activating any and all of the chakras, though it most commonly resonates with the 4th, or Heart Chakra.

Moldavite’s energy tends to move to where it is need the most in the ethereal and physical bodies, then moving those energies to the 4th, or Heart Chakra.  It is used often to open the 6th, Third/Brow and 7th Crown Chakras at the same time.

While wearing Moldavite, one actively engages with the heart and it helps to return that beautiful pink glow to your aura that is associated with unconditional love.

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The information here is presented to you to use as you see fit, but is not to take the place of professional medical advice. Crystals, Gemstones and Metal can accent, help, negate, protect, encourage, strengthen, and balance and thereby promote healing. Their effects can be extraordinary, but use in addition to medical advice, and not as a substitute for proper care. If you are ill, we beseech you to seek professional medical attention from a qualified physician.

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