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From Whence She Came

Prone to inappropriate laughter, embraces crankiness as a personality-plus. and swears like a sailor all whilst bringing beauty into this realm.

Deconstructive Diva, Fairy Lover & Bohemian Gypsy Queen

I am a red headed, whimsical lunatic, faerie follower, passionate recycler, errant wife and delinquent mother of three (that I know of). I am unabashedly honest, optimism is my superpower and I believe willpower is generally over rated! I am an everlasting conundrum…a top notch type A, Martha channeling organizer with an Irish Bohemian Gypsy Queen soul that is sprinkled so heavily in faerie dust that even the deepest crevices of my cleavage sparkle with magic. I do so hate being bi-polar, it’s just awesome! And oh yeah one another thing…I’m an artist!!

Creates Beautifully 90%
Designs With Delight 83%
Steeped In Magical 69%
In Love With Life 100%

My inner world is heavily steeped in all things purple to the extent that others often see the royal color, when they think of me in places it does not exist (but that just makes me giggle so it’s okay). I am a wonderer, a wanderer and I lust for adventure; which being the mother of three often happens only in the imaginative recesses of my mind (it’s okay they like me in here). Being the captain of full blown catastrophes (as I am) it is probably the best place for me to explore unsupervised anyhow.

I am a deconstructive diva, a professional instigator and I covet deep dark chocolate.  I write love letters to wine and never met a cheese I didn’t like! I swear like a sailor, I bring on the brouhaha and I am prone to inappropriate laughter, while embracing my crankiness as a personality plus.  I am a fan of curiosity and experiment in savoring the world, whilst bringing beauty into this realm.


I create because it happifies me, and I would create regardless of my location, situation or circumstance. I have been creating for the full length of my life and have no intention of stopping. While in my studio (fondly referred to as “the cave”) preparing to be fabulous, I must prime my pump with a little Everafter in the background, candles and sometimes incense. I sit at my bench, I fondle my tools, I wander the space waiting for inspiration to arrive, and thus I begin! As I do not sketch prior to discovery I often use an inspiration book to get the juices flowing – colors I love, combinations that make me smile and occasionally a dirty joke doodled in between.

Glorious Gemstones

What always pulls my focus is the unbelievable tenacity of the power that draws me to the gemstones. With the colors and qualities they possess, my need to work with them and thus marry them with my lovely found treasures is so strong. I connect with the sacred force of creativity that lives within my soul and I whip up wickedly wonderful delights!

Splendor Searching

I search out the splendor in the overlooked and underappreciated and I use my wiley ways to turn junk into jangle, mismatched into magic, gemstones into generous embellishments to delight and adorn. There is a tiny bit of my spirit infused into each one of my creations. I work with gratitude, great joy (for my gifts) and good intention in my heart. That magic I feel travels with the treasures and in doing so those intentions help each piece become a bit more true.


Creative Approach

From Whence The Powers Came








Super Powers

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


Unconventionally Inquisitive Qualities ... Most children have a “Why? Phase” when they question everything they hear and are told, we are by nature inquisitive as a human race. Fortunately my inherent inquisitive nature was not a phase I grew out of. From opening the box, pulling the curtain and looking under the rock to figuring out how the watch worked, how a car ran and where many things came from and ended up. I wanted to know everything! In my life and my work I have always been the one wondering why it needed to be done that way, and what would happen if I tried this, and maybe I can get that to work this way…and honestly I’m constantly amazing myself at how wonderfully things work out! Many have forgotten about that childhood wonder and inquisitive nature…I have chosen to nurture mine and it has grown into a power that creates wonderful things!


No Rubbish in Refuse .... I grew up with several brothers, regardless of the fact that I was the second oldest, I was certainly the smallest…we didn’t have much money living the American Dream of a first generation family from Ireland, which you guessed it meant hand me downs….from my brothers! It was at a tender age that my inquisitive nature was put to practice creating new uses for all and every thing. When I first discovered a Resale Shop in the next town over while exploring with a friend, I almost passed out with glee! Who knew there were places to get ‘hand me downs’ that I might actually WANT?!! Although not truly appropriately named…in our teens we called these treasure hunts “Trashin”…and to this day I’ve been blessed with the talent of finding just what I want, just when I need it! This has served me well throughout life and in business. Vintage shops, Resale Stores, Estate Sales, Consignment & Antique shops as well as broken equipment, broken jewelry, the hardware store and the generosity of friends is where most of my discoveries are the most fruitful! The overlooked, underappreciated and forlorn are my favorite components to use with the mystical magic of Mother Nature’s gemstones.


Welcome to Earth .... Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Third Rock from the sun…whatever you call it, this is where we live, it is our home; and as my mother always taught me we keep our home clean. As almost a culmination of my inquisitive nature and my trashin’ talents this was always a natural habit for me to develop. If it in no way can be reused, recycled or upcycled, it goes into the trash…which always breaks my heart just a little bit at a time. In our family of 5 (two adults, three teenagers) at the end of any given week we put one 60 gallon garbage can out (and it’s usually not filled) next to the three recycle bins. When anyone comes across something that needs to be recycled…they always ask…”Studio? Or Recycle?” There is a basket for all the items that are saved until they are taken to my studio…glassware, wine bottles and corks, bottle tops, pull tabs, bread ties…I am always disappointed if there is not much in there each week, and it feels like a treasure hunt when there is!! It happifies me to keep a smaller foot print, to use, reuse, recreate, reimagine…it’s what makes my world go ‘round.


In All Seriousness

Official JeaneMargherite Bio

jmmstumblerBy Line

With creations that are both powerful and whimsical, Wisconsin based mixed media artist JeaneMargherite believes herself an mystical, eco-artist warrior; as each of her treasures are partially if not fully crafted of reclaimed and upcycled components and entirely made with magic.


I believe that all materials can be purposed and repurposed to become useful and beautiful building blocks in jewelry and other treasures.


My creations are an extension of my personality with all its facetted, eclectic and expressive style. My fascination with repurposing jewelry was conceived at the tender age of ten when I inherited a large box of costume jewelry from my first generation Irish Grandmother. I could see it truly was just a treasure chest of enchantment! I was inspired to deconstruct each piece, until I simply possessed piles of sparkling colorful delight! I held the ones I felt most strongly called to me and allowed the new creation to reveal itself as I worked. The energy amongst those bits and pieces was intoxicating, beautiful new items were created with love from objects that held love and life in them. My friends were amazed with what I had created, and I eventually sold off most of my “new” inheritance to my fellow school mates twenty-five cents at a time!

As I travel through my own journey of being, I have discovered that the more experiences I have in life, the more life I have to offer my work. I have found inspiration in a myriad of mediums as I have unfolded as an artist. I have always had a deep appreciation for nature and a passion for found objects as well as all things mystical. My work reflects the warmth of fire, resilient earthiness, freedom of sky, breath of air and the strength of water, intermingled with the colors of imagination and a whoosh of whimsy. As that has been my journey, it has also been the voyage of my creativity as an artist. I am told I possess an uncanny ability to discover the beauty in the overlooked and underappreciated. I enjoy merging unlikely components and the power of gemstones to create magical treasures, which delight and inspire.

My passion blossomed to business when word spread like wildfire once folks discovered that I had actually created the items I was gifting to friends and family. Requests rolled in with undeniable energy that inspired me to also take part in a few juried art shows. From there I quickly graduated from basement tabletop diversion to serious studio artist.

I believe that each creation has a rightful companion it calls to, and the energy people exude when they have found their treasure, truly delights me…in my passion, that is where I find my joy!

For almost two decades I have been extremely fortunate to study under some wonderfully talented and skilled artists all over the country. Each of these artists is well known in their fields; with this type of instruction in varied mediums I am able to form a well-rounded and balanced skill set that has allowed me to work well in a number of practices and mediums.

Specialties: Re-Purposing, Re-cycling, Recreating the beautiful from what was once discarded, forgotten or unloved. Working with Metaphysical Qualities of stones to create a unique and very personal piece of jewelry.

Mixed / Multi Media
(Metal, Wire, Fiber, Paper, Resin, Reclaimed Components)

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Metal / Wire Work / Bench Skills


Metal Clay / Kiln Firing / Torch Skills / Reticulation

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Polymer Clay / Glass Work / Embellishment

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Mixed Beadwork Techniques
(Stringing / Weaving / Design)

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I do not believe that an artist is ever done with their education….there is always something new to discover and learn!

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