Projective/Receptive Gemstones

The Power of The Elements

There are two basic energies Projective or Receptive that stones possess:

  • Projective Stones are masculine and tend to be strong, forceful and outgoing.  They are often used in the healing of others, for protection, intellectual powers, courage, will power and self-confidence.  Projective Stones are also used to draw luck & success in all endeavors.

Some of the Projective stones include Agate (specifically black, brown and red), Amber, Carnelian, Aventurine, Apache Tear, Bloodstone, Citrine, Fairy Cross (Chiastolite , Andalusite , Staurolite), Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Ruby, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye and Zircon.


  • Receptive Stones are feminine and tend to be calm, peaceful and intimate. They are often used to draw energies towards themselves to aid in healing oneself, offering love, soothing, compassion, eloquence and friendship. Receptive stones bring wisdom, dreams, spirituality, psychism and mysticism.  They are also associated with prosperity, fertility and growth.

Some of the Receptive stones include Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Azurite, Blue Calcite, Chrysocolla,, Chrysoprase, Coral, Crystal Quartz, Emerald, Ammolite (or any fossil) Jet, Dark Jaspers, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Mother of Pearl, Moonstone, Pearl, Peridot, Sapphire and Turquoise.

There are a few gemstones that hold Projective AND Receptive qualities, they are few and far between.  As well as being Projective or Receptive, Gemstones may also be associated with one or more of the elemental energies.


The Power of The Elements & Corresponding Gemstones

With all Gemstones the power and energy comes from many associations, the type of power (projective/receptive) and the elements are simply two of the key components.

Air/ Wind Element

Air ElementSaid to enhance one’s clairvoyant vision, mental clarity and understanding. Using stones connected with Air brings balance in one’s communications, intuition as well as assisting in learning new skills

  • Air Season – Spring
  • Symbols – Wand (some may associate Swords)
  • Direction – East
  • Colors – Light Blue, Yellow, White
  • Related – Thought, Wisdom, Psychic Awareness, Knowledge, Freedom, Memory
  • Zodiac – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini Those born under Air Signs are well known for their confident freedom of thought, movement and expression
  • Chakras – 5th,Throat Chakra and 6th,Third Eye Chakra
  • Magical Uses – Past Life Recall, Memory Spells, Scrying
  • Some Air / Wind Stones – CitrineDiamondAgateTiger EyeTopazTurquoise, White/Clear FluoriteZircon

These stones are especially helpful to those suffering chronic diseases, either in body or soul. Any Air Stone will help one to be more mobile, flexible, social, and quick witted.


Citrine Gemstone Properties


Zircon Gemstone Properties


Diamond Gemstone Properties


Agate Gemstone Properties


Tigers Eye Gemstone Properties

Tigers Eye

Topaz Gemstone Properties


Turquoise Gemstone Properties


Fluorite Gemstone Properties


Earth Element

Elemental Earth GemstonesEarth element stones are strong grounding stones, resonating with one’s physical state of being. Governing the structure of one’s life, family, home and career. Assisting in bringing into balance the act of moving, changing, beginning and ending of any and all of these aspects.

  • Season – Winter
  • Symbols – Pentacle or Stone
  • Direction – North
  • Colors – Browns, Blacks, and Greens
  • Related – Stability, Strength, Comfort, Grounding, Harvest, Animals
  • Zodiac – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo  Those born under the Earth sign are hard working, practical and quite grounded. The urge to be stable is very strong which helps those of the Earth element strive to work towards security, organization and deep dedication to whatever they put their mind to.
  • Chakra – 1st Root/Base Chakra
  • Magical Uses – Money, Success in Business, Fertility, Peace, Grounding & Centering , Growing Plants
  • Some Earth Stones –  AgateCelestiteEmeraldGreen Jade, Green TourmalineHematiteJasperJetMalachiteOnyxObsidianPeridotQuartz

Earth stones are bright with a strong grounding power, allowing their wearer to seek out and find firm ground in both the emotional and physical sense.  Assisting one to gain confidence, consistency mental balance, physical endurance and strength as well as releasing negative lingering doubts.

Agate Gemstone Properties


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Jet Gemstone Properties


Emerald Gemstone Properties


Malachite Gemstone Properties


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Onyx Gemstone Properties


Tourmaline Gemstone Properties


Obsidian Gemstone Properties


Hematite Gemstone Properties


Peridot Gemstone Properties


Fire Element

Elemental Fire GemstonesFire stones offer especially strong assistance in balance and stability while fortifying one’s energy.  Bringing into balance ones personal power with action, as well as creative and sexual expression.

  • Season – Summer
  • Symbols – Candle or Sword
  • Direction – South
  • Colors – Red, Orange, Yellow-Orange
  • Related – Passion, Courage, Lust, Creativity, Fertility, Virility, Force, Enthusiasm
  • Zodiac – Sagittarius, Leo Aries.  Those born under the Fire sign are often quite energetic, spontaneous and assertive. With a passion for personal freedom Fire signs are adventurous and fun loving.
  • Chakra – 1st Root/Base Chakra and 2nd, Sacral Chakra
  • Magical Uses – Banishing, New Beginnings, Obtain Desires, Rebirth
  • Some Fire Stones – AmberCarnelianCitrine, Fire Agate,  Garnet, Red Jasper, Red TourmalineRuby, Sard, SardonyxSunstone

Fire stones have a positive influence on the body’s blood flow, or circulation; offering a free flowing energy eliminating stagnation within the energy system.  Offering a feeling of recharge, curing melancholy, increasing mental vigor and calling on one’s impulse to action. Although one must be careful to balance the Yin as well so as not to overpower.

Amber Gemstone Properties


Carnelian Gemstone Properties


Agate Gemstone Properties


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Jasper Gemstone Properties


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Ruby Gemstone Properties


Sunstone Gemstone Properties


Water Element

Elemental Water GemstonesThe Water element effects one most profoundly in one’s thoughts and emotional feeling; allowing one to release the past so one’s desired future may be attained.

Often Water Element stones are clear or have a look of semi-transparency, or the ability to change their color. These stones are said to have a meditative or sedative effect. Assisting in dissolving and removing negative emotions or thoughts, Water stones offer the wearer assistance to achieve a healthy state of relaxation.

Amethyst Gemstone Properties


Aquamarine Gemstone Properties


Aqua Aura Gemstone Properties


Azurite Gemstone Properties


Moonstone Gemstone Properties


Celestite Gemstone Properties


Chalcedony Gemstone Properties


Chrysocolla Gemstone Properties


Tourmaline Gemstone Properties


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Properties

Lapis Lazuli

Pearl Gemstone Properties


Sapphire Gemstone Properties


Sodalite Gemstone Properties


Abalone Gemstone Properties


Mother Of Pearl Gemstone Properties

Mother Of Pearl

Spirit / Akasha Element

Elemental Akasha Spirit Gemstones

The Akasha element is the binding force between all of the other elements. It’s the 5th Element, running through all matter, emanating and absorbing energy; the collective unconscious of life, the inner space of all elements.

  • Seasons – All
  • Symbols – Circle or Infinity
  • Direction – Center, North, South, East, West, Without and Within
  • Colors – White, Clear, Gold, Silver/ Black, Purple, Blue
  • Related – Transcendence, Transformation, Unification, Power, Time
  • Chakras – The Void and 7th, Crown Chakra
  • Magical Uses – Transformation, Power, Connection to All
  • Some Akasha / Spirit Stones – DanburiteDiamondQuartz

There is an ethereal of collective knowledge called an “Akashic Record” which may essentially be accessed by those who have the natural ability or are able to train their minds to make that connection. It is not a simple task to access the collective knowledge of all things past, present and future that existed within the Divine, it is said to have been accomplished with success by the devout.

Danburite Gemstone Properties


Diamond Gemstone Properties


Quartz Gemstone Properties


Storm Element

Elemental Storm Gemstones

The Storm element is the manifestation of all the other elements combined properly in a balanced manner.  Used to express the forces of nature of our fair Mother Earth, the four elements that balance Storm are: Earth, Air/Wind, Fire and Water, when the fifth element Spirit/Akasha is added to the mix, the vibration of energies is much more powerful.

When the stones are balanced properly to represent the Storm element they are known to activate and cleanse all of the chakras, as well as balancing mind, body and spirit on a larger scale.

As the gemstones vibrate with the elemental forces of nature, use of the Storm Stones are told to bring about radical change in one’s spiritual vision and transformation, which is said to enhance a deeper spiritual cleansing or spiritual rebirth.

One group of stones that will offer this type of inspiration would be:

  • Earth: Hematite (to represent/offer grounding, structure and physical being)
  • Water: Blue Aventurine (to represent/offer love, friendship and communication)
  • Wind/Air: White Calcite (to represent/offer creativity, vision and to open spiritual doorways)
  • Fire: Sunstone (to represent/offer willpower, energy and health)
  • Spirit/Akasha: Amethyst (to represent/offer the ability to hold the energies together in a soothing manner)
  • Storm: Pietersite (to represent/offer transformation and spiritual cleansing)

Note: Not all recognize Storm as an Element, and some link Storm with Spirit/Akasha

Hematite Gemstone Properties


Aventurine Gemstone Properties




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Pietersite Gemstone Properties


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