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\ ˈrün  \

1any of the characters of any of several alphabets used by the Germanic peoples from about the 3rd to the 13th centuries

Modern day celtic runes have been used for divination for hundreds of years since the 17th century. They are small stones with an ancient, magic alphabet carved onto them and are cast to predict the future and answer questions.

Physical tools have been used by psychics for centuries to draw answers from the universe. Tea leaves, coffee grounds, and crystals can all be used to provide accurate readings, with the most common tool being cards. Tarot cards, angel cards, and even playing cards are used by many psychic mediums for fortune telling, to answer questions, and to provide deeper insights into a person’s true purpose. But there is another ancient oracle used to gain valuable insights and connect to the magic of the universe, celtic rune stones.

With a long, complex history, runes are most likely the first mystical tools used for protection and connecting to psychic insights. There is evidence of runes being used as early as the Roman and Germanic Eras with the first runic alphabet dating back to 150-800 AD. In various languages the root of the word rune means ‘secret’, ‘whisper’, ‘something hidden’ and ‘mystery’ indicating the special powers that casting runes hold.

Rune Stones are often referred to as Celtic Runes, Magic Runes, and Viking Runes – Although there may be slight variations to the shape of the symbols, all rune stones use more or less the same runic alphabet.


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