Jewelry Care

Cleaning - Storing - Lasting

With the cost of precious metals, as well as the sustainable movement, all different types of metals and minerals have been utilized in crafting jewelry.  With that becomes the added responsibility of cleaning are caring for all the different types of metals.  Below Shimmerlings will give a quick guideline of how different metals should be cared for, cleaned and stored.  Join the Journey!

Some quick general notes on the care of metal jewelry:

  • Put your jewelry on last when getting ready (after you’ve applied makeup, lotion or any styling products, this will keep those compounds off of your gems.
  • Take off jewelry prior to sports, especially water sports, the spa or doing house hold chores where it may come in contact with caustic materials (cleaning agents, chlorine, salt water).
  • Often even bathing or sleeping with your jewelry on is not a grand idea, and should be avoided.

cleaning_metalCleaning Sterling Silver, Silver Filled and Silver Plated Jewelry

Regular wear is actually the best manner in which to keep your silver from tarnishing; but with wear comes dirt as well.  So one should cleanse jewelry shortly after wearing them, to remove basic perspiration, makeup and other daily particles that end up on your treasures; this can be easily accomplished by using a simple cotton cloth.

When needed go ahead and drop them in some commercial jewelry cleaner for a short time, then wipe them dry.

If it is a larger piece that has become tarnished, silver cleaner is simple enough to use, just be mindful of what type of gemstone is part of your piece as not all stones will react well to silver cleaner.

Do not ever submerge freshwater pearls or metal pieces that have been purposely antiqued into silver cleaner, it may strip the finish of the pearl, or remove the antiqued finish on the silver.

Brass & Nickel & Copper

Neither brass, nickel nor copper care to get wet, as it may tarnish with a brown patina quite quickly. Although this may be a desired effect, if it is not make every attempt to keep the metal dry.

When it does (inevitably) get wet, or tarnished from body oils and the like, the flat surfaces may be easily cleaned with the polishing cloth, you will be surprised how quickly a light buff will brighten up your treasure!

You may also use jewelry cleaner, but it is not usually required, although if there are deeper details in your jewelry that you would really like cleaned, go ahead and use the jewelry cleaner.

Storing Metal

Make every effort to not leave your treasures on counters or dressers, being exposed to air and wetness will accelerate oxidization.

A simple jewelry box, or any container will do; but one lined in anti-tarnish fabric is by far the best, not only to keep your treasures clean but also to keep it from moving around and possibly getting damaged

Green Fingers
Not a myth, many metals may very well turn skin green, due to allergies or simply tarnish residue reacting with the skin.  This may be remedied with daily cleaning, or if it is an allergy coating the portion that comes in contact with the skin with clear nail polish or clear Rustoleum paint (yes, they both actually work) this should keep the green fingers at bay.

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