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Creating with a Conscious

Watch Part EarringsIn an attempt to not create more waste than necessary, and to keep general leavings at a minimum, Shimmerlings is part of the Sustainable Jewelry Movement.  This is a group of individuals and companies who have chosen to be more conscious about their choices of everything from suppliers to how consumables are used, reused, and how waste is viewed. We have actually been part of this movement all along, we simply weren’t aware of it!

As part of this (initially) quiet movement, there are companies and artists that exclusively utilize vintage and recyclable or natural products in their creations; companies that do not create additional manufacturing rubbish in the crafting of their products.  There are others that will not deal with anything except Non-Conflict Diamonds, and still more that do their purchasing on a strictly conscious level, not to attain any gemstone or material from any person or company that may overlook the efforts of those who labor on behalf of the gemstone business. While often this makes the manufacturer or Artist’s job more difficult, it is always worth the effort.  Our Sustainable Jewelry and Art is our contribution to this as members of this very important movement.

sustainability_03We are utilizing anything we can find, and any item that is given to us; vintage pieces found at sales, consignments, and antiquity shops, broken or unwanted pieces that found their way to our studio, or what some may consider castoff or garbage, we find the beauty in it and give it new life.  We often completely dis-assemble the initial product and reuse all the individual components; or we may take a portion of the piece and use it in a new design.  We are currently working on an addition to this work that takes advantage of non jewelry items that began as something completely different, and became treasure instead of trash!

Through a bit of research, we have found some wonderful artists who incorporate vintage, old, used, and even “junk” pieces into their designs. Fabulous artists who use a myriad of items for collages, or antique spoons for necklaces, old license plates for bracelet components, vintage door hardware for earrings and other objects to create their art….a true ‘trash to treasure’ sort of thing.  In that we feel all of these artists should be given their just desserts, we will list a few links to their sites on ours…Yes, it is THAT important to us.

sustainability_02At Shimmerlings we are not attempting to simply sell jewelry under a ‘guise’ of being “Sustainable”, we have always utilized this conception thoroughly throughout the company.  Our paper products, whenever possible, are all created from recycled paper-and ARE recyclable, our ink cartridges are refilled and reused, our shipping boxes, paper and materials are all recycled (and recyclable), and we reuse the boxes that are shipped to us.  We reuse most everything that arrives as part of any shipment: packaging, plastic bags, fill, and paper. We reuse anything we can get our hands on. We use it over and over again until it falls apart. If we can reuse it or upcycle it, then we recycle it.It is these artists who we would like to praise, give thanks, and follow in their steps.  It is our hope that our creations will be a wonderful reflection of what we are attempting to do, and that it will grow as our vision, and spirit grows. We like Sustainable, we enjoy being and working in a sustainable manner, it (to coin a phrase) “happifies” us.

As a company (and a family), we recycle plastics, papers, glass, metal and every other conceivable thing that is allowable. Our attempt is to never toss anything in the trash that can be viably reused, reclaimed, recycled, upcycled or reimagined. When something becomes empty or has fulfilled it’s first function; before it is taken anywhere, the question is always Studio? first-my family laughs, but then they are amazed…and as my grandmother used to say “Never cut anything that you can untie”, she was incredible, she made rugs out of our old plastic bread bags!  Our goal is to leave as much that comes to us, in it’s original condition and reuse it the best way possible, or to take it and make it into something more fabulous. If neither of those things is possible, then it will be recycled.

I have actually been purchasing, saving and absconding; bottles, jars, boxes, keys, sticks, buttons, old jewelry, broken jewelry, vintage jewelry and materials for quite some time…I have been having a blast making treasures from the forgotten and forlorn! So…Enjoy our discoveries, visit the links we have posted below as some were part of my inspiration for this movement –besides my grandmother that is!  Become part of the movement, whether that be here or elsewhere! It’s just the right thing to do, and so much more creative, fun and interesting!

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