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This Months Birthstone

October Birthstone Opal

Okay…..Who Built Some Courage This Month?!!   Did you….

  1. Paint your nails green
  2. Do something tourist-y in your own town
  3. Give some money away
  4. Admit when you are wrong
  5. Smile at the driver in the car next to you
  6. Invite friends over
  7. Ask someone out on a date

I actually did in fact pain my nails was totally gross, even though evidently that it is the new “it” color for nail polish, there really are a million shades of green!  I did some sightseeing in my own town and bought a souvenir magnet for my fridge. I gave some money to a friend in need, I admitted I was wrong (TWICE!), the goofy smile thing wasn’t really a challenge for me, but I did it anyway! It always makes me giggle     I had friends over, I asked my hubby out on a date..we had a ton of fun!!

Shimmerlings Creative Courage Challenge  7 Things Follow UpSo I stretched and built up my “courage muscle” slowly and gently over the last few months…I did a few more than the seven listed, and I’ll add them to the list for next year so we can all experience them…and I AM ready to start the new year with a different challenge each week, and hope you will travel this journey with me.

I am vacillating about just how to go about it….most of me wishes I already had the list put together, and the posts outlined so that I could be completely prepared at the beginning of each week. But the point of this entire exercise is to build our courage by stepping out of the box some of the I wonder if I shouldn’t just try to come up with a new task each week and post it….but I’m pretty sure, being the consummate planner that I am, attempting to simply wing it one week at a time would metaphorically pull my courage hamstring! LOL  So, I think what I will do is try to either come up with guideline for the whole list, or just do a month (maybe two) and have those outlines ready…we’ll see how it goes!! A little fear never hurt anyone right?!

As Artist’s and Creatives it’s almost as if we are chock full of courage – but only some of the time. We put ourselves out there in our work, we expose our inner beings by taking the vision in our soul and expressing it to the world….and I believe that the courage it takes to do that actually costs us courage in other areas. As if we must become so brave to bare our souls that when it comes time to talk to the customer, start to write a business plan, call for details on a show or discuss consignment details with a shop owner, often times we shrink. We lose our courage because we had to use most of it up just to put our work out there, after that there doesn’t seem to be any left for ourselves to do the other half of our work.

We can read all the books (or blogs) we choose to help improve our writing skills or how to talk to people more astutely, but in truth unless we get out there and actually DO IT we aren’t truly learning anything.  Then later we wonder why things haven’t improved, we beat ourselves up for ‘still’ not knowing how to do it…I would personally like to stop doing that.

Shimmerlings Creative Courage Challenge  7 Things Follow UpThat is what this coming year is going to be about.  Baby steps of courage strength building. We will do big things and little things, fun things and difficult things, obvious and not so obvious things…all tasks that will help us to build our courage. We will do it together and learn from each other.  I promise to do everything on the list, I made that promise to myself when I came up with the idea for this a few months ago, but I am now promising it out loud to everyone else.  Because truly…life does shrink or expand according to one’s courage, and I’d really like for my life to expand!

Again…Often people believe that courage is a leap, that the only way to show your courage is by doing something BIG that we are afraid of…doing something dangerous like sky-diving, something we deeply fear such as speaking in public, or something that may cause us physical pain. And in denying ourselves from accomplishing those things, we forgive ourselves by saying we are just not courageous.  But that simply isn’t true.  Courage can be built in baby steps, instead of leaps and bounds. Our courage muscle can be built with a few reps a day, or working on one continuous set one thing once one week at a time.   We will tackle one task at a time…sometimes they will be fun, and fairly easy steps, and sometimes they might take a few days; which is why we are going to do them one week at a time! We will have an entire week to meet the challenge, and work our courage muscles!

I’m all together excited, intrigued and scared all at once!!  I best get going on my list of things for at minimum the month of January!!  Woo!! I’m ready!!


JeaneMargherite Meria McMahon Schintgen (yep, that’s my name, don’t wear it out!)

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  • ValerieFebruary 18, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    I have never been happier walking up to a vendor at an Art Fair! The Shimmerlings booth called to me, and I found the most incredible dragon necklace! I love it!

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